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3 Pantsworthy Hot-Docs Screenings

3 Pantsworthy Hot-Docs Screenings

Yalda Bani

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With four days left to devour some brain food at the Hot Docs Festival and the weather frankly confusing all of us, picking some last minute screenings (and actually leaving the house to go see them) is starting to feel a little daunting.

So, as a good Samaritan, I’ve narrowed down the sea of choices to three awesome films that warrant putting on your pants and catching them before the festival draws to a close.

Go watch these films and brag to your friends about how much cooler than them you are.

This film tickles all my fancies. Centered around the experience of Samuel – a Congolese immigrant who’s been waiting 8 years for his papers in Belgium – Passe-Partout nods to some of today’s most important questions of immigration and identity, while maintaining a quiet, dark humour. Worth mentioning, also, that its aesthetically stunning.

With the emergence of a refugee crisis unmatched in scope throughout recent history, it’s more important than ever that we all better understand the struggle of the colonized people in our world from a more human standpoint. This film addresses key questions about the lasting consequences of colonialism on the colonized, the subtle challenges of immigration, the pain of limbo and the difficulty of waiting.

As he lets the camera trail him through his day-to-day life, Samuel humbly discusses history, politics, identity, and unabashedly pokes fun at the colonial ancestors of his Belgian cohorts; he is the everyman these subjects have been longing for.

Everybody (and I mean everybody) had something to say about the spectacle that was the American election this year – and at some point, everyone got a little sick of that one Facebook friend who discovered a newly-found passion for political analysis. While we all support the sharing of opinions and ideas on topics of political gravity, what would help make those Facebook rants a little less painful would be watching this film. Seriously. Don’t argue with me about this one. Just go see it.

Super PACS and religious organizations with footing like you’ve never imagined play some of the most important roles in modern US elections, and increasingly, our politics are starting to bear a resemblance to our Southern neighbour.

Its imperative that we understand the truth behind some of these sweeping campaigns and celebrity nominees before we put our political analyst faces on again.

Maybe I’m partial to this film because one: I’m a huge science nerd, and two: I grew up watching Bill Nye in the nineties and have hoped, ever since, that we figure out how to keep people alive forever so we never have to be without the Science Guy (worth mentioning here that the directors of this film – David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg – also directed an awesome documentary about two scientists tackling the question of eternal life…so maybe we’re closer to an immortal Bill Nye than you think). But in all seriousness, aside from my obvious biases, this is supposed to be a really amazing film – both because of its subject, and the guys who wrote and directed it.

The film obviously features the world’s coolest nerd and explores his unceasing (and super nerdy) efforts to change the world for the better; but perhaps more importantly, it outlines the dangers of powerful figures who continue to deny the science of climate change and refuse to accept scientific reasoning at a time when we’re facing serious irreparable consequences. I know I ended that on an ominous note but guys – its Bill Nye.

Everything he does is nerdy and amazing. Go get smart!

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