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Ryan G


Hobo Gauntlet is the audio extension of Toronto resident Ryan’s blog you can find at, featuring a mess of unconjugated verbs, a diatribe of snark and a cauldron of pessimism. Yes that’s right. I said cauldron. The shows also include music that spans genres and decades that matters to Ryan, and if it resonates with anyone else…well..that’s what they call gravy. Maybe even that weird white gravy you get in the States.

“Writing my own biography in the third person is something I’ve been preparing for my entire life”, says Ryan. “It’s exciting, not unlike the experience of coming home to find a wolverine in your bathtub.”

When not recording Hobo Gauntlet episodes Ryan is looking for the proper cable to allow him to record Hobo Gauntlet episodes. “Creatively it’s such a joy sitting alone at home talking to myself into a microphone and spinning tunes”, Ryan notes. “A friend of mine once told me it’s funny listening to my podcasts because on them I talk like someone’s actually listening to the podcasts.  I thanked him, because it was at that moment I knew Hobo Gauntlet was a huge success. See, it’s like with music. A band is only truly cool when they’re Indie and they’re not massively famous.  Hobo Gauntlet is soooo Indie that not only is it not famous, but nobody’s listening at all, making it unbelievably cool.”

New episodes of Hobo Gauntlet are on the way. I promise. And when I say I promise, I promise nothing.