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Culture Snap Scene: Despierta

Despierta: “the feminine form of despierto and roughly translates to awake.”

9 March 2018 Girth Radio Blog Read more

Set The VCR: Sunday Feb 11 2018 to Saturday Feb 17 2018

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

#SetTheVCR for this upcoming week…recently a friend asked about my tv habits.

11 February 2018 Girth Radio Blog Read more

2017 Wrap Up and Highlights

2017 was a good year over at Girth Radio. We continued to bring in guests that got our hosts excited to be there. We gave them a drink or two to get their secrets out and recorded for your listening pleasure and we laughed, high fived and from time to time bro hugged it out. We talked the real talk, silly talk and lots and lots of promo talk. Here’s a run down of some of our favourite moments from 2017.

3 January 2018 Girth Radio Blog Read more

Trailer Alert: Blood in the Snow Film Festival

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Wrapped up day 1 of Horror-Rama…saw a dude who was a perfect Freddy…hat, ratty sweater, that face…knife-glove run into Pennywise the Dancing Clown and they hugged and laughed like they don’t go around murdering children. Gonna have some sweet night terrors tonight.

8 November 2017 Girth Radio Blog  My Summer Lair Read more

Hidden Gem: The Photophonics “Easy”

A few listens inspired the following stream of consciousnesses…I dunno what any of it means it’s just what came out.

5 September 2017 Girth Radio Blog Read more

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