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Hidden Gem: Dev feat Nef The Pharaoh “#1”

Hidden Gem: Dev feat Nef The Pharaoh “#1”

Sammy Younan

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Sure…this sounds like Aaliyah-Timbaland-ish (I said ish! Calm Down!); it’s that type of sound. But there’s something about that hypnotic bounce…that type of sound; it just makes me groove. Yes. I hope I’m not the only one. Should we go to dance floor?

Shout Out to these lyrics…usually when a relationship ends (especially badly) various keepsakes (like her scrunchy!) end up in a Jordan shoebox. In this song Dev places her relationship souvenirs in a…briefcase? Weird but there it is:
It kinda sucks that I always have this kinda love
We used to drink all day, stay up listenin’ to Kanye
He used to love to take the long way home
But these days, all I have it keepsakes
Inside a briefcase

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