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Hot Docs Pantsworthy: Rat Film

Hot Docs Pantsworthy: Rat Film

Maggie Currie

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I really hate rats.

They just gross me out. Yet last Friday I went to go see a Hot Docs screening of the Rat Film by myself. I can’t entirely be sure what possessed me to subject myself to watching a documentary all about rats but I went anyways.

I was shocked but I really enjoyed the documentary. I was squeamish but ultimately I felt sorry for the rats of Baltimore and learnt lots.

I wasn’t expecting to watch two grown men use fishing line, a baseball bat, peanut butter and raw meat to catch and kill alley rats. I also wasn’t expecting to be asked “does the blind rat dream?” Theo Anthony’s documentary left me feeling unsettled.

The documentary unpacks the significance of Baltimore’s rat population and its ties to sociological issues in the city. It is incredibly thought provoking as it draws parallels between racism, city planning and rodents. It was a horrifyingly fascinating documentary.

The Rat Film is not for everyone but for those who are curious about rats and how they relate to poverty, Theo Anthony’s documentary is worth a watch.

Here’s the trailer:

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