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#Creatortown: Courtside Web Series

#Creatortown: Courtside Web Series


Published on: June 11th 2017

Fresh off of T.O. WebFest two of the guys behind Courtside (Adrian Wallace and Omran Omaid) drop in to Creatortown for drinks and poutine. We talk about how the indie filmmaking spirit is alive and well in 2017 but it’s just living in web series. The gents discuss breaking the rules of the web game while sprinkling a little of that 90’s Miramax magic into their web series. And ushering in a Creatortown first, the Courtside creators remind us how important a soundtrack can be by giving us a little taste of the Courtside soundtrack with “PHAB’s IF YOU WANT TO”. A great episode all about pushing boundries, telling real Canadian stories and picking up the ball that Canadian tv dropped. A must listen, if you’re about to embark on your first web series creation.

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