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My Summer Lair featuring Cara Yeates

My Summer Lair featuring Cara Yeates

Sammy Younan

Published on: September 6 2016

My Summer Lair Chapter #33: Has Tom Hanks Ever Died In A Movie?

Cara contributes Philadelphia while I submit Big as an asterisk death (Tom Hanks sorta does die at the end of that excellent movie). Tom Hanks dying is one of the minor debates we have over the hour we talk.

Creative individuals are my Gatorade: their noble spirit embiggens my own desire to escape my shackles and get back up when I get knocked down. Risk is an acquired taste. There’s a wonderful madness to betting on ones own talent.

Cara is a New York City based actor, writer and producer known for her one-woman plays like Bye Bye Bombay. I first met her in Austin during SXSW and every since then every time we get together it’s ruckus: this time she was in Toronto for TIFF 2016.

Over adult beverages we get into her encounters with 3 vital film scenes: New York, Toronto and surprisingly Bollywood. This woman has a broad range of experiences and sure to some it may look like she’s all over the map (literally) yet look closely and you can see storytelling is the thread that unites these diverse happenings.

Her latest project as producer with Trigger Creative is the feature film The 3 Metamorphoses. Look for it in 2017. I cannot wait.

High Fives For:
Her New York City Yo!
Producing a feature: The 3 Metamorphoses
Earning a Tom Hanks compliment

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Recorded: September 9, 2016 6:30pm