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My Summer Lair featuring Diana McCallum (Texts From Superheroes)

My Summer Lair featuring Diana McCallum (Texts From Superheroes)

Sammy Younan

Published on: August 8 2017

My Summer Lair Chapter #49: Do You Enjoy Comics & Stuff?

Comics & Stuff…that’s the theme for this episode of My Summer Lair.

We open with a lively debate on Robins Batman’s eternal sidekick…the oddest introduction for a My Summer Lair episode true but it instantly gives you a flavour of how internet comedian Diana McCallum thinks and…feels. So many.

Odds are you may not know who Diana is…you probably may not recognize her if you ran into her in your local Starbucks. However chances are high you know her work Texts From Superheroes; which we acknowledge in our discussion is weird internet fame.

Diana is one half of the creators behind Texts From Superheroes which is exactly what it sounds like…the other creator is stand-up comedian Andrew Ivimey.

    Once that’s established we go off…covering:

  • Resurrection Man’s woes
  • the distinct value of a time travelling mutant baby
  • a giant bullet that’ll kill the earth
  • and more adorable nerdery!

Shout out to the Toronto Public Library which is a fantastic resource for books, music and comic books. All TPL individuals involved are doing a fine job.

More than just Texts From Superheroes you can enjoy Diana’s work in The Secret Loves of Geek Girls as well as it’s upcoming sequel to be released early 2018, her Cracked work and of course podcasts and YouTube videos as part of The From Superheroes Network.

Host Sammy Younan W • T • F

Texts From Superheroes @ W • T • F

Photography by Andrew “Geek Hard” Young

Recorded: August 8, 2017 6:00pm (EST)