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My Summer Lair featuring Heidi MacDonald (The Beat)

My Summer Lair featuring Heidi MacDonald (The Beat)

Sammy Younan

Published on: May 30 2017

My Summer Lair Chapter #45: What Came First: The Comic Books Or The Culture?

One of the frustrating occupational hazards of being a comic book nerd is being lured into booby traps by click-bait. Argh! Think, Write and Publish…be original in your thinking and formidable in your writing. I’ve zero interest in your agenda and bro you take isn’t hot. I don’t go online to reinforce what I believe or think; I go online to encounter strong and unvarnished perspectives. I’m comfortable with what I believe and think; consensus is not validation.

All of which brings me to The Beat (The News Blog of Comics Culture)! Superb writing and solid interviews all celebrating comic books…I particularly appreciate the emphasis on sales; the business side so often missing from bulk of online comic book writing and almost all discussions (especially on social media).

(Case in point…a glut of Wonder Woman hot takes are coming as sure as the Sun rises pimping all kinds of agendas…feminism, women n movies etc. none of that matters. Warner Bro and DC wanna sell toys, comics, box office tickets. They’re quite comfortable with what they believe and think. Many Bat-nerds had issues back in the day when Batman 66 debuted (that’s not our Batman!) but it pulled in $70 million in toys and t-shirts merch…that’s in 66 dollars. You can complain all you want but DC’s message is bro your take isn’t that hot.)

Heidi MacDonald is an outstanding journalist…bright, curious, deeply passionate and committed to the game. All of which shows up in The Beat and in her other work:

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Comics Editor for Publishers Weekly Magazine

So let’s get into it…let’s get into comics. She and I get into tropes (comics, yo…), the birth of comic book criticism and of course this being TCAF…comics: Libby’s Dad, Boundless and so much more. Also poutine which is how the conversation starts. Can’t live by comics alone…feed the head and the body.

Always amazing to sit down with a compelling writer over adult beverages.

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Recorded: May 14, 2017 1:00pm (EST)