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My Summer Lair featuring Tyler MacIntyre (Tragedy Girls)

My Summer Lair featuring Tyler MacIntyre (Tragedy Girls)

Sammy Younan

Published on: October 31 2017

My Summer Lair Chapter #61: Do You Want To Be Popular Or Do You Want To Be Relevant?

The boring synopsis…the kind that makes it seem like Se7en is only about 2 cops chasing a serial killer:
Tragedy Girls is an comedy horror film directed by Tyler MacIntyre and written by Chris Lee Hill and Tyler MacIntyre. The film stars Alexandra Shipp (who you know from X-Men: Apocalypse!), Brianna Hildebrand (who you know from Deadpool!) and Craig Robinson (who you know from Hot Tub Time Machine!). The film was released on October 20, 2017 but when I interviewed Tyler it was playing at Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

The trailer:

This movie has some quirky fun layers…it’s a commentary on social media, fame, high school…the whole bit. (And the irony of doing an interview on social media fame and messing up the director’s last name. You can’t be famous if nobody knows your name!).

I’d have to see Tragedy Girls again but I have a vague sense that we haven’t explored the impact of social media on the urban legend. Urban legends are popular in high school…tall tales of horror (the escaped lunatic with the hook hand) and impressive sexual conquests (“I heard he slept with this many girls…”) a nebulous mixture of fact and fiction, lies and half-truths. Logically urban legends proliferate in high school because the kids are forming their identities and who you are is based, in part on what you believe.

How is your ability to critically think: do you really believe the hook-hand story?

Or are you jealous that he slept with this many girls because you’re very much a virgin?

However with social media you can write your own urban legends; pass them off as facts and truths. You can inherit wealth; just as you can inherit urban legends or you can create your own wealth…and your own stories. It’s less passive but not always as honest. You’re selling a lifestyle…one you may not fully own. Or you’re buying a lifestyle one you hope to (eventually) live. Fascinating.

The movies we mention in this interview:
The Amazing Deathgasm
Three O’Clock High
Ginger Snaps
Final Destination
Cannibal Holocaust
Fight Club
Shitty Tasting Medicine
Friday The Thirteenth

Tragedy Girls is fantastic fun, go check it out. (Thanks Geek Hard for setting this up!)

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Recorded: October 20, 2017 7:00pm (EST) at Scotiabank Theatre