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Sex Ed Before Bed | Episode 6 | Navigating Consent

Sex Ed Before Bed | Episode 6 | Navigating Consent

Rebecca Nava

Published on: July 15, 2017

Karen B.K. Chan is a legendary sex educator in Toronto, Canada. For more than 20 years, she’s been teaching youth, adults and couples about sex, sexuality and emotional intelligence, but I first learned about her when someone showed me a clip of her talking about consent. She was chill, funny, and gave her audience a lot of respect. I could see how her approach worked.

Consent is one of the main reasons I wanted to be a sexual educator and it was a privilege to talk about how vague and messy consent navigation is with someone so well versed in the topic.

Expect to hear a nuanced chat about:

– what does consent look like when you’re drunk or high?
– how to establish boundaries
– rejection strategies
– what emotional literacy looks like
– what it’s like for Karen to teach people who are homophobic or racist
– strategies for confronting racism and homophobia in your own family or friend group

Karen’s company website is here, and you can track her movements on Twitter as well.

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