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Sex Ed Before Bed | Episode 10 | Unpacking Polyamory

Sex Ed Before Bed | Episode 10 | Unpacking Polyamory

Rebecca Nava

Published on: January 6, 2018

On this episode, I partner with Vanessa and Maggie, hosts of 21 Questions, to speak with revered sex therapist and social worker, Angie Gunn

Angie addresses our questions about polyamory, also known as consensual non-monogamy, ripping apart misconceptions about people who practice it and how they practice it. She also shares the dramatic life events that led her to this profession and lifestyle. 

Hear tidbits on:

  • the myriad ways consensual non-monogamy is practiced
  • the discrimination polyamorists face
  • establishing what you need from a relationship and how to set boundaries
  • control and ownership in monogamous culture
  • poly culture as primarily white and middle class
  • how monogamous folk can be kinder to the poly community

Work with Angie

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