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My Summer Lair featuring 21 Thunder

My Summer Lair featuring 21 Thunder

Sammy Younan

Published on: July 18 2017

My Summer Lair Chapter #48: What’s Your Favourite Sports Movie?

My Summer Lair welcomes Kevin Claydon and Jonathan Kim: 2 actors from CBC’s MLS soccer drama 21 Thunder. I open the interview asking what I thought would be a simple and fun question: What’s Your Favourite Sports Movie? only it generates a sweet debate. And of course gentle mocking. Oh Yes! Let’s Get Into It.

Kevin and Jonathan are good friends which not only makes for a fun interview it assists in the depiction of their tv soccer team:
21 Thunder is the story of the Montreal Thunder U21 team, following the team’s star players on and off the field. A story of love, crime, race, sex and athletic glory, at its core the series is about how a group of players and coaches unite as family in the whirlwind of life, one step away from the pros.”

The 8 part series airs on CBC on July 31, 2017 at 9pm (EST). Here’s the trailer:

I drew the analogy: a sports team is a lot like a film set/tv set how people have to come together to make a magic happen. Will be interesting to see what magic happens when this series airs on July 31st.

Oh!! Man hugs and fist bumps to Jonathan Kim who represents Scarborough. As if you needed another reason to watch 21 Thunder!

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Photography by Jen Gorman

Recorded: July 17, 2017 6:00pm (EST)