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My Summer Lair featuring David Sax (The Revenge Of Analog)

My Summer Lair featuring David Sax (The Revenge Of Analog)

Sammy Younan

Published on: October 10 2017

My Summer Lair Chapter #58: What Is The Revenge Of Analog?

It’s weird but I’ve become “the face of analog.” I’m not anti-tech; I demand value. I know my worth and I certainly understand the worth of my work.

If putting your music on Spotify is only gonna net cents don’t do it. It’s just that simple. I’ve been asked a few times when I’ll upload my podcasts to itunes…why would I? What will itunes do for me?

My rule is simple: If you ain’t gonna do something for me why would I do anything with you?

Going from a walkman to an ipod, zune any mp3 player makes tons of sense. That’s immediate and clear value. I’m in.

But like the “magic” of the ipad was an overreach; other than to watch a video here or there it’s no different than using any computer. I’ve no use for an ipad and rarely use one.

So here we are…trapped between what was and what could be: s’kinda like Stranger Things‘ The Upside Down. It’s our world but it’s not our world. While David and I don’t reference Stranger Things we do acknowledge time is not linear…so why would people believe progress is linear? (David makes an extraordinary point about progress vs oppressive…listen for it!).

The Revenge Of Analog is a fantastic read; at the very least it’ll challenge your identity and who you think you are; who you present to other people. I enjoyed many of David’s insights…in book form and in person. (Thanks Jigar Talati for setting this up!)

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Recorded: September 19, 2017 2:00pm (EST)