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Sweat & Salt: Episode 7 Solo Travel in South East Asia

Sweat & Salt: Episode 7 Solo Travel in South East Asia

Alissa Santiago

Published on: 2017

How Solo Travel Changes You

In this episode I sit down with a friend who recently returned from a solo travel. Embarking on a 13 week motor bike trip around South East Asia he tells his story. I love travel and the experiences unique to the solo traveler. I don’t pretend to be wise but I have come to appreciate the experiences solo travel have done for me personally. When I get a chance to sit down with someone who has just returned from a trip and listen the exciting tales, a fire is suddenly woken up by shared similar experiences.

My friend Ryan asked to not be tagged for professional reasons and I am respecting his wishes. In a way I like that there is no face to the name because his experience is universal. You can put yourself in his story. What it’s like to be an outsider? I mean haven’t we all felt like an outsider at some point? Have you been lonely? What did you do about it? Ryan learns he is the one who was in control of his life and his experience. His actions drove him to connect and to land in places that humbled him. We talk about how communication is more than words. A smile goes a long way. How did Ryan tackle authenticity versus trying to capture moments through the lens.
If travel or solo travel is on your bucket list then be brave or courageous or reckless and just go. Go out and buy a ticket. Plan or not plan. Throw caution to the wind and have fun with experiences only travel can bring. It is a like putting a microscope over your problems or turmoil if you will. Travel makes you face those uncomfortable moments of the unknown in the best kind of way. Where are you off to? Where have you been? How did it change you?
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