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Sweat & Salt Episode 11: Ingrid Veninger & Porcupine Lake

Sweat & Salt Episode 11: Ingrid Veninger & Porcupine Lake

Alissa Santiago presents

Ingrid Veninger, Porcupine Lake & the Female Experience


Ingrid Veninger, film maker, writer and director, 6th film is called Porcupine Lake, a story of bravery, small town summer love and the secret world of girls. We spoke during this years TIFF festival where Porcupine Lake had its world debut.

Ingrid is a champion for women supporting women in arts and film. She founded pUNK Films in 2003 with a ‘nothing is impossible’ manifesto. The film Porcupine Lake plays on the concept of city and small town and experience. The young women in the film, Charlotte Salisbury and Lucinda Armstrong Hall who play Bea and Kate respectively are on the edge of growing up. Kate instigates Bea to find her courage as they negotiate friendship in a small town somewhere between Toronto and Perry Sound.

It was a pleasure sitting down with Ingrid, she shares exciting news about Porcupine Lake and her thoughts on women supporting women in the arts and film.

Find more info on Ingrid and pUNK films here

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