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Tyler Mclaurin & Brian Capitao

Tyler Mclaurin & Brian Capitao


Brian Capitao:
I am a former emcee in Toronto and have been exposed to hiphop since an early age. I’ve done shows, made friends, laugh, cried and got ripped off more than once in this wonderful hiphop world. Now, I’m behind the mic and looking to just chill and discuss music and what it has evolved into.

I met Tyler during my first year of University and we connected over a love of music. Tyler was a grungy rock kid when I first met him and got into hiphop through the punk rock antics of OddFuture and namesake Tyler the Creator. We’ve been friends ever since.

Tyler McLaurin:
I’m a hip hop fan hailing from Toronto who loves talking about music and culture. I’ve been sharing my love of hip hop with Brian for a few years now, so putting our conversations on wax seemed natural. I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge and love for this music through the show and the fans. So pack your coolers and grab your warmest jacket, because it’s about to be some deep freeze chillin in here.