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NewMusic Ten Playlist #2

Sadly this week’s NewMusic Ten playlist starts on a sombre yet beautiful note. As many of you know and are still processing Paul Walker passed onto the next life on November 30. Man, I dig those Fast and Furious movies.

Paul’s friend, the talented RZA penned this soulful tune, Destiny Bends in immediate reaction to Paul’s death. It’s raw and visceral and real…it’s rare to encounter music like that anymore s’why I included it.

Mercifully after that the playlist picks up with all kinds of sonic delightfulness. Dance along to Australia’s Skipping Girl Vinegar and Carousel’s Into the Night. And is it me or does Heart Attack the hauntingly second track stand in a warm New Order shadow?

Here we go: NewMusic Ten Playlist #2!

NewMusic Ten

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NewMusic Ten Interview with…Vibonics

NewMusicTen In Conversation with Vibonics: NewMusic Ten is online music’s first pop up shop! 1 month, 10 artists, 1 LP/EP each.


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Fresh Fridays: Young Doctors in Love “10:35”

From the NewMusic Ten Archives…a Fresh Friday with Young Doctors in Love:

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CanCon: Intro

It was recently brought to my attention there are certain wonderful Canadian bands who have not yet permeated the American consciousness.


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NewMusic Ten Playlist #1

Check this out…NewMusic Ten has teamed up with Indie Minded like a fresh booming Voltron to deliver this spectacular playlist.

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