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CanCon: Intro

CanCon: Intro

It was recently brought to my attention there are certain wonderful Canadian bands who have not yet permeated the American consciousness.

Canada is more than Justin Bieber and Nickleback. It’s home to Arcade Fire and Metric and Shad!

Anyways I’m gonna drop some CanCon (Canadian Content) on y’all. Enjoy.

Sweet Thing

Think Beatles mashed with Franz Ferdinand toss in some Killers and sprinkle with Maroon 5. (For bonus marks check out my review of a recent show here).

The kind of music you put on a mix tape for a girl: you want her to know how much you really like her and how much you enjoy the most awesome yummyness of her hair smell.

Michael James Band

Think White Stripes mashed with the Black Keys.

The kind of music where everybody in the bar is a shady Tarantino type character with a Michael Madsen squint. Got a score to settle? This is your soundtrack.

Songs From A Room

Think 70s rock, loud, balls to the wall sort of like Wolfmother

The kind of music you use to rob a bank like the Heat scene, this ain’t no sissy Inside Man styles.

Hope this help. I’ll periodically drop some more Can Con your way.

2 January 2014 NewMusic Ten Blog ,

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