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Hidden Gem: Larra Skye “Neverending Nostalgia”

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Ah yes…Neverending Nostalgia, anybody whose lived in the 80s knows what this feeling is like. Acid washed jeans and Choose Life t-shirts aside, Neverending Nostalgia is totally ideal for the Someone Not There web series.

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Hidden Gem: Nicole Simone “A Well Kept Secret”

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Continuing spelunking the spirited Someone Not There web series Episode #1 “The Launch” closes with this emotive sonic elegy, formerly by Late July.

Fittingly concluding Episode 1, we leave Roland and E friends for certain lovers perhaps stuck in vulnerability. It’s so strange how we can know someone so well and yet be fearful to voice the desires of our heart. Secrets draw power from being in the dark.

That’s their plight and tomorrow when Episode 2 airs you can see where they’re at.

For now…it’s A Well Kept Secret:

Sammy Baltic Web

Sammy Younan @ W • T • F

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Host Haiku In Session With Girth…CAIRO

As inspired by listening to CAIRO’s A History of Reasons

29 January 2015 Girth Radio Blog  In Session With Girth... Read more

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