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The ROCKthusiast Interviews…The Stogies

People from Nova Scotia have this almost legendary reputation around the world for friendliness – I don’t know if I trust the ragtag bunch of misfits known as The Stogies though, and not just because of their filthy smoking habit.

They claim to be from Halifax, but by the raspy, dirty blues rock riffs heard on songs like “Skeleton Crew,” off their 5-track EP No Couth No Class No Nothin’, you would swear they hailed from somewhere a lot more seedier, like LA’s Sunset Strip.

They love coming to Toronto too, especially in the company of fellow Nova Scotians like Gloryhound and The Stanfields. The last time they were in the appropriately-nicknamed “Big Smoke” was last fall, where they finished second in the Indie Week band competition. More kudos (and weezy coughing) are definitely in The Stogies’ future!

The Stogies – No Couth No Class No NothinWhy should folks come out to see you at Canadian Music Fest?

Much like your grandmother, we’ll pinch your cheeks, tug your ears and plant stubbled kisses on your face…except with more guitar. In all seriousness? We’re a loud rock ’n’ roll band on stage (tough to ignore) and off stage, we’ll be driving around in the sketchiest of vans with smoke, afros and bad jokes billowing out of our tinted windows.

What’s your favourite venue in Toronto and why?

Our favourite Toronto venue is the Tattoo Rock Parlour. Not because it’s an awesome venue, but last time we finished soundcheck there, Blake tripped and fell on his ass in front of everyone as we were walking out the door. Ha!

Canadian Music Fest is all about music discovery – apart from yourself(ves), who’s the ONE ACT you would most recommend people check out at CMF?

Just one? OK, we have to admit we’re not the ONLY rock ’n’ roll band from Halifax in Toronto for CMF. Billie Dre & The Poor Boys are hitting the Tiki stage at the Rivoli March 23rd. You really wanna check these guys out. Corey and Dylan will likely rub garlic fingers (it’s an East Coast thing) all over their shirtless bodies while playing some mean ‘doom-surf-rock-n-roll’ as they might describe it.

Come the end of the year, what’s the coolest thing you hope to say you’ve done?

Come out with a new record, tour the universe? But we’d be happy with simply cleaning out the van.

If you could play any festival in the world the rest of this year, which would it be and why?

Glastonbury, do we even need to tell you why?

Who in music has impressed you so far in 2013, and who do you feel still has something up their sleeve?

The Stanfields, they always impress us, and we do believe they’ve got an acoustic record up their sleeves.

If you had an unlimited marketing budget, what would be your ideal “piece of swag?”

The Stogies Airplanes – except you could smoke on these airplanes; in fact, the drop-down oxygen masks would double as bongs.

Please give me at least one pro and con as it relates to music and social media.

Pro – You can discover a shitload of new bands that you’ll care about for maybe a week. It’s also a good way to spam your shows out to existing and possible new fans.

Con – It’s actually time consuming, and while you’re spending time “connecting,” you’re not spending time getting drunk and going to shows with your real friends/other people!

We all know there will eventually be a zombie apocalypse – if you only had enough battery life left on your music player to enjoy ONE album in full before your brains get eaten, what would it be?

Blake: Keith Richards – Talk is Cheap
Sean: The Clash – London Calling
Dave L: Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation
Dave D: Radiohead – Hail to the Thief
Jason: Lamb Chop’s Play-Along – The Song that Never Ends (7-inch)

Let’s say you had access to a WABAC machine like Sherman and Mr. Peabody did in the old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons; who’s the one person, band or event you wish you could go back in time to experience?

Hendrix, Robert Johnson…or Abraham Lincoln…let’s go with Lincoln.

Finally, let’s end on a positive note by you telling me the BEST thing about being an indie artist, and why fans should be hopeful for the future.

It’s in your hands (the artists and the fans)! You have complete creative control and can do whatever you want with your music. You can see where artists and fans start to agree on the best platforms for delivering and consuming music. The sad thing is most bands just imitate what the labels do anyway. There are, however, a few creators out there.

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Illuminated Chronicles: The Year Of Pharrell

2014 continues to heat up like Jiffy Pop with music related documentaries!

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NewMusic Ten Playlist #2

Sadly this week’s NewMusic Ten playlist starts on a sombre yet beautiful note. As many of you know and are still processing Paul Walker passed onto the next life on November 30. Man, I dig those Fast and Furious movies.

Paul’s friend, the talented RZA penned this soulful tune, Destiny Bends in immediate reaction to Paul’s death. It’s raw and visceral and real…it’s rare to encounter music like that anymore s’why I included it.

Mercifully after that the playlist picks up with all kinds of sonic delightfulness. Dance along to Australia’s Skipping Girl Vinegar and Carousel’s Into the Night. And is it me or does Heart Attack the hauntingly second track stand in a warm New Order shadow?

Here we go: NewMusic Ten Playlist #2!

NewMusic Ten

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NewMusic Ten Playlist #1

Check this out…NewMusic Ten has teamed up with Indie Minded like a fresh booming Voltron to deliver this spectacular playlist.

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