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Trailer Alert: Blood in the Snow Film Festival

Sammy Younan

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Wrapped up day 1 of Horror-Rama…saw a dude who was a perfect Freddy…hat, ratty sweater, that face…knife-glove run into Pennywise the Dancing Clown and they hugged and laughed like they don’t go around murdering children. Gonna have some sweet night terrors tonight.

And I chatted with magician Ryan Brown who performed some close up magic tricks for me! So cool; dude performs illusions in a haunted house…Screamers every year. Yo…

Lastly I attended the packed panel-announcement for the 6th annual Blood in the Snow Film Festival.  BITS is a Toronto film festival “celebrating the best in contemporary Canadian horror, genre and underground film.”

Blood runs (get it?) November 23-26 at the Royal Cinema with after parties at the Monarch Tavern and this year features a poster gallery at Super Wonder Gallery. Hanging at Horror-Rama was a reminder of the dark and lovely aesthetic of horror movie posters. You instantly know a good one when you see it.

The panel-announcement was hosted by BITS programmers Kirk Haviland, Jason Tannis and Carolyn Mauricette. (Girth Radio’s good friend  Jen Gorman who is now the Festival Coordinator was around as well, always fun to talk horror with her…the entire BITS team have a deep and infectious passion for this genre. Five high em when you see em during the festival.)

This years line up is all killer no filler; some movies that stood out:
Red Spring…a post-apocalyptic (I’m already in) world run entirely by vampires and the humans are dwindling. Get them humans!

Buckout Road…about the most haunted road in North America (which is curious…what is the most haunted road in North America?)

Blood Child…this one cuts deep!! “a young woman who resorts to the South East Asian black magic practice of raising her own ghost child in order to get over a devastating miscarriage. But the child wrecks an unspeakable evil upon the household once the woman finds herself pregnant again..” Raising a ghost child!! 100% in.

There’s also Darken which a sci-fi horror movie that takes place in a parallel universe (fascinating…), The Child Remains (lotta kids coming back for revenge this year…) and Kill Order (trailer is not yet ready but the premise sounded fresh…). Plus a short film showcase. Plus cool educational panels.

There’s lots of excellent happenings at this year’s BITS. Expect some Girth Radio interviews, photos and more as we get closer to the festival.

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Illuminated Chronicles: Why Pop Culture? (TED Talk)

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

“Why must we be so serious about what divide us and trivialize what bring us together?”

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Trailer Alert: Hip-Hop Evolution

Sammy Younan

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Hip hop’s origins are explored in a 4 part dynamic television docu-series on HBO…like the Genesis beginning or rap (actually not even rap…it wasn’t anything when it first started). Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash beginnings. Not to fret though (OUR golden era…Tribe, De La etc. appear in the third episode. Yes!).

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RTZ: Suicide Squad Is Not Exactly A Lego Brick

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

{Special thanks to Rob Gaudette}
Halfway through Suicide Squad I finally clued in what DC is doing “wrong” compared to Marvel Movies. I dunno if wrong is the right word…it’s a different strategy that’s just not working.

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