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Culture Snap Scene: Island Kayaks

Culture Snap Scene: Island Kayaks

With Earth Day this weekend, I’m flashing back to a great environmental initiative from earlier this year called Picture 2050.

Picture 2050 was a photo contest and exhibit aimed at increasing action on, and funding for, Toronto’s Climate Plan. It was sponsored by Toronto Climate Action Network, The Atmospheric Fund, and Transform TO. It also involved a photo walk with the very talented Dave Coulson.

I’ve done a complete write up about #Picture2050 on my blog with photos and links to great ways to take action for Earth Day and beyond.

This photo is one of my submissions which received an honourable mention in the Picture 2050 contest.

Henry VanderSpek aka Culture Snap Photography loves Toronto, but likes to wander too. Whether in Tanzania or Toronto, he thrives capturing unique street scenes and any sort of vibrant cultural expression. He’s been a few places and done a few things, but would rather hear what you do than go on and on…

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