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Hidden Gem: Larra Skye “Neverending Nostalgia”

Hidden Gem: Larra Skye “Neverending Nostalgia”

Sammy Younan

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Ah yes…Neverending Nostalgia, anybody whose lived in the 80s knows what this feeling is like. Acid washed jeans and Choose Life t-shirts aside, Neverending Nostalgia is totally ideal for the Someone Not There web series.

With central characters Roland and E all caught up in the past and yet…trying to forge a future, be it together or apart…just some type of future but is a dense past enough of a foundation for a new love? The advice for writers is write what you know…for lovers, it’s love who you know. And with all of their history, Roland and E know each other. Neverending Nostalgia successfully sets the tone to their friendship to…perhaps, their relationship? Ah but that’d be a spoiler.

And it’s just a fine track too. Larra has a sweet voice, even after the song comes to an end, her voice still echoes in your mind. There’s a peace to the way she sings. It’s sweet, like cotton candy.

Click on play and you’ll hear what I mean:

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