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Hidden Gem: Saul Williams “The Noise Came From Here”

Hidden Gem: Saul Williams “The Noise Came From Here”

Sammy Younan

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2016 starts with an emphatic and fantastic bang with the release of Saul Williams’ MartyrLoserKing on January 29. Here is The Noise Came From Here one of 3 or 4 singles he’s released online to promote the album:

Did you see Saul Williams when he opened for k-os on November 20, 2015?

Like a lone warrior he came out onto the stage clutching ideas and offering sharpened words assembled into images like a weapon. As Doctor Who said to Shakespeare (no less): “Oh yeah, but the theatre’s magic, isn’t it? You should know. Stand on this stage, say the right words with the right emphasis at the right time. Oh, you can make men weep.”

Saul Williams recited poetry, performed an a cappella version of Black Stacey, recited from his new book US (a.) and told witty stories like how he met k-os. A stirring powerful presence his performance instantly captivated the audience. Which you have to admit is rather difficult to do so well in this era of distraction and demands.

MartyrLoserKing is the fifth studio album from
Saul Williams

Now that’s a business card!

Fun Facts

  • Saul Williams has worked with Trent Reznor in the past…hopefully Trent will show up on the new album
  • MartyrLoserKing was recorded with She Wants Revenge member Justin Warfield (remember them!)
  • You can hear Saul Williams’ List of Demands on this Nike Commercial: My Better Is Better Than Your Better

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