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Luminato Festival Preview!

Luminato Festival Preview!

Laura Londono

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With the Luminato Festival starting on Friday June 7, 2019 I thought I’d share a top pick from each of the seven categories of performance offered at the festival!

Started in 2007 The Luminato Festival is a multi-media arts festival commissioning and showcasing local talents as well as international artists. It was “conceived to shine a spotlight on Toronto as a culturally vibrant and globally connected city rich in creativity.”

Throughout the 17 days of the 2019 festival running June 7 to June 23 you can catch dance, enjoy opera, contemplate theatre and attend music performances as well as films and curated talks.

Here we go!


Flower’s for Kazuo Ohno

Colombian contemporary dance company Compañia del Cuerpo de Indias’s has melded three distinct cultures in their piece: Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen), Leonard Cohen’s powerful lyrics and Japanaese Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno’s unique movement style into a beautiful 90-minute piece.


True North (Parts 1-4)

With the Toronto Raptors having made it to the finals, the timing couldn’t be better to check out Ryan Sidhoo’s Toronto-based documentary, True North (Parts 1-4) that follows 5 young men on their journey’s to basketball stardom and the communities that support them.


Illuminating Ideas

This portion of Luminato engages audiences through panel discussions on themes such as climate change and its effects on northern communities, the history of witch hunts, LGBTQ censorship in art, and resources for building healthy communities.


Maada’ookii Songlines

Make the best of summer! Leave the indoor venues for some fresh air and beautiful music by the waterfront. At sunset, tune in to this free choral event composed by Juno Award-nominated Cris Derksen featuring over 200 singers, and an indigenous musical ensemble.


Obeah Opera

Nicole Brooks’ Obeah Opera is set to deliver the story of the Salem witch trials as told from the perspective of Tituba, a Caribbean slave who was the first to be accused of engaging in witch craft. This opera blends an eclectic mix of musical genres like jazz, ska, calypso and Caribbean folk music, with theatre and dance styles. A truly immersive opera experience!


Forget Me Not

Think puppets are just for kids? Think again! Puppet master Ronnie Burkett’s world premiere of Forget Me Not wants to remind you of the power of love and the lengths we take to make that love heard. Two stories are told simultaneously, the story of the time when love was expressed freely and that of when free expression was banned. I’m excited to see the intricacy of the puppets that were created for this show!

This is just a preview of the all the events going on throughout the Luminato Festival, for a full list of events and for more information on the festival itself, check out the Luminato website.


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