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Pantsworthy: Pan Am Games July 14

Pantsworthy: Pan Am Games July 14

Recap from yesterdays events…

Canada made huge gains in water sports winning multiple medals in diving and canoe/kayak racing.

Performances of the day included Amanda Chudoba in women’s trap (shooting), who had never competed in an international games, yet kept her cool and came out bearing gold! Definitely someone to look out for in the 2016 Olympics.

Also, diving duo Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion gave a world class performance deserving of the gold they received.

Day 4 is a go, starting with preliminary rounds for Swimming and Beach Volleyball. Canada’s medal count is 49 at the moment and moving towards that big prediction of 170-200 medals, which is estimated to be the amount needed to come out as the overall victors of the games.

The events of the day include…

Water Polo (medal round)

Swimming (medal round)




Canoe/Kayak Sprint (medal round)

Equestrian – Dressage (medal round)

Field Hockey


Artistic Gymnastics (medal round)

Judo (medal round)

Rowing (medal round)


Shooting (medal round)


Squash (medal round)


Beach Volleyball

Weightlifting (medal round)

There has been a bit of debate over whether there is sufficient coverage of the events and I can see why, considering very few events are being broadcasted live on TV. CBC is the official network for the games but much of their coverage consists of online streaming and won’t have every event.

To watch live feeds and memorable moments, go to http://panam.cbc.ca/index.html

To ensure you see your favorite events, go for a ticket! After all, how often can you see events this momentous happening so close to home!!

However, watch out for online tickets from unofficial sources, as there is talk of fake tickets being sold.

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