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Pantsworthy: Pan Am Games, July 15

Pantsworthy: Pan Am Games, July 15

Currently our medal count is 28 Gold and 68 in total. What does this mean?

Canada’s in the lead!

Most memorable moments from yesterday…
Canadians continued to dominate in the water yesterday, particularly the ladies!

Chantel Van Landeghem finished first in the 100m freestyle. A huge accomplishment considering she had some tough competition, namely Natalie Coughlin from the United States, and set a Pan Am record!

Santo Condorelli got Silver in the 100m men’s freestyle!

Audrey Lacroix won gold in the 200m butterfly, which I must say looks like the most exhausting event ever!! A veteran in her sport, it’s amazing that she can still dominate in international competition.

Canada pulled ahead in the last leg of the women’s 4×100 freestyle relay winning fist place!

Laurence Vincent Lapointe achieved her goal of proving the toughness of women in canoe/kayak racing and won by a full 2 seconds which is an enormous lead.

Day 5 Events…
Water Polo (medal round)
Swimming (medal round)
Badminton (medal round)
Field Hockey
Artistic Gymnastics (medal round)
Rowing (medal round)
Shooting (medal round)
Squash (medal round)
Tennis (medal round)
Beach Volleyball
Weightlifting (medal round)
Wrestling (medal round)

Circulating the web these last few days is this video/images of Rodriguez Gomez representing Venezuela who collapsed after lifting a 233lbs weight.

She did not die or attain serious injury, like some people are suggesting. She fainted and still managed to win the Silver medal in her event.

This just shows the limits to which these athletes have to push themselves.

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