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Pantsworthy: Pan Am Games July 16

Pantsworthy: Pan Am Games July 16

Backtracking to yesterday…

Canada used their back up goalie Kaitlin Sheridan due to their first goalie attaining a red card in the opening game on Sunday. How? When she ran out of the net to tackle the ball she clearly wiped out the players legs. You can see in her immediate reaction that she regretted the tackle and acknowledged her mistake.

It’s sad how her mistake made in the heat of the moment took Stephanie out of yesterday’s Canada vs. Costa Rica game. She’s obviously worked so hard to be able to represent her country, but that’s the difficulty of all sports. It is a well known fact that athletes equally train their physical and mental abilities and these games showcase those abilities under pressure. A small mistake at this level is all it takes.

Games like these are so important for allowing nations to collectively appreciate those who have dedicated their lives to their passion.

To see fellow Canadians doing so well is touching and is especially the case when you come across a familiar face whose done exactly that. In last nights Canada vs. Costa Rica game I recognized Rebecca Quinn on the Canadian team, someone that grew up just a few blocks away from me and attended the same grade school. Our age difference, which seemed so prominent in those years, kept us in different circles, however, I was well aware that she was athletic and loved all sports. To see how she upheld this passion and dedicated her life to the game is so inspiring!

Turns out Facebook isn’t the only way to lurk :p

Unfortunately the girls fell short with a 0-2 loss which will make progressing to the semi-finals difficult.

Canada, cheer extra hard and give those girls the boost they need!!

Go Canada Go!

For today:
Can’t get enough of the swimming heats! The races are so close, and have me on the edge of my seat every time. I’m loving that Canada is coming out on the podium daily.

Also, it’s the first day of Basketball which I know many have been waiting for. Canada will be playing against Venezuela at 18:00 at the Ryerson Athletic Centre! Tickets are still being sold for both the men’s and women’s games.

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