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Pantsworthy: Pan Am Games July 17

Pantsworthy: Pan Am Games July 17

Yesterday the standings were reversed when the United States took the lead for most medals. Canada, however, buckled down and got to changing things back to their original order.

It is day 7 of the Pan Am Games and Canada currently has 97 medals, which includes 38 gold!

Our athletes have been doing so well, and the support they’ve been receiving from home crowds has in their opinion given them the energy they’ve needed to come out on top.

It’s unfortunate to think that this kind of support is granted only when games are at home.

For athletes to put the time necessary into perfecting their game they dedicate all of their time to training exhausting hours, and many barely scrape by in funding their careers. In many countries these expenses would be fully covered by various sponsors and paid competitions/campaigns. It would be incredible to see what our athletes would look like if they had some of their financial pressures lifted.

Anjelika Reznik, one of our Canadian Pan Am competitorsand former Olympian, is taking to social media to collect donations for herself and fellow team members. She wrote:

“Podium training is tomorrow for the Pan Am Games. Just 1 more day until we compete. In September we have the world championships in Germany which are the Olympic qualifiers! We’ll have a training camp in Bulgaria & in between World Cup competitions. We have a fundraiser to help with some of these expenses. Truly anything helps even just sharing this. Thank you to those that have donated already.”

Via this link Reznik reveals pictures and videos of the athletes to convey why they have been training 9 hours a day in preparation for this and other upcoming competitions.

Their event, Rhythmic Gymnastics, starts today and I am so thrilled to watch it! I wish all of the competitors luck and hope that sharing the girls’ story can help them to receive the funds they need to continue representing our country as well as they have.

This goes for all the other athletes too. Funding is not easy to come by in Canada so a little support goes a long way.

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