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Party at the ROM! A Night at the Museum

Party at the ROM! A Night at the Museum

Caroline Donegan

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On Friday nights, the day camps and field trip groups that usually occupy the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) are replaced by a 19+ crowd.

The ROM reopens its doors after dark for Friday Night Live (FNL), and the country’s largest museum becomes a nightlife destination, with bars and food stalls scattered amongst the fossils and artifacts. The main hall turns into a dance party, with a live band taking the stage next to the bones of a dinosaur, drawing the crowd into the cavernous space.

If dancing’s not your thing, you can travel through the exhibits with a drink in hand, taking in the history and learning new facts to up your trivia game.

You can gaze at the glittering precious gems while sipping on a gin and tonic or cower under the frame of the Barosaurus while munching on a gourmet eggplant Parmesan sandwich.

The Bat Cave, however, remains food free space. Amongst the Byzantine artifacts you can take in one of the smaller bands playing softer tunes than those that keep the party going in the main hall. Performers, like acrobats and stilt walkers, round out the entertainment, ensuring that there is something to hold your attention all night.

FNL at the ROM is a reminder that museums aren’t just for tourists and school groups; they have great things going on for everyone.

So go check out FNL when it returns after the summer, take in some history, hear a new band, and ogle at precious stones worth more than most Toronto homes. Have a night out, and feel smarter for it!

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