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Welcome! #10: Farid Kassam

Welcome! #10: Farid Kassam

Karim Kanji

Published on: August 21 2015


Farid Kassam joins Karim Kanji in studio for this latest episode of the podcast, Welcome!

Farid is an active mentor, advisor and angel investor in early stage technology companies. Presently, he spends his time in big data, healthcare and Blue Jays baseball. Many would also call him a rocket scientist.


We spent the first 23 minutes chatting about the Toronto Blue Jays season and their current place among the leaders in the American League: something we have not seen in 20+ years.

We spent the rest of our hour+ long conversation discussing:

  • investing in businesses
  • working in big data + healthcare
  • helping to guide companies to bigger + brighter futures

If you spend anytime in airplanes then you must thank Farid. He’s partly responsible for the fresh air we all breathe inside the cabins of air craft as part of his work with Honeywell.

Farid also contributed to the design and functionality of the original CanadARM (this was Canada’s contribution to the International Space Station). He workedon the software that helped to manipulate the 7 elbows of the CanadARM.

You can find Faris Kassam on Twitter: @faridkassam

And remember to follow me and tweet me here: @karimkanji