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21 Questions | Episode 7 | Questions about Marijuana

21 Questions | Episode 7 | Questions about Marijuana

Hey pals!

Welcome to 21 questions…from the 21st Century. Glad you found us!

Join us this week as we chat with guests, Liam and Mack, all about your moms favourite topic…WEED! We share our first experiences and worst trips. We chat about what legalization can do for a state or province, and what we expect to see from the upcoming legalization in our own back yard.

Did you know one hemp plant can save up to 12 trees?! Powerful little things…
See here for all of the other interesting insights we talk about in the show.

To conclude the show, Liam and Mack divulge their amazing idea of how they too would like to contribute to the cannabis industry. Watch out for that shit on Kickstarter, it’s tight!

We hope you enjoy! 

Peace and Love,
Maggs + Ness

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