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Welcome! with Ajay Massey: Ep 157

Welcome! with Ajay Massey: Ep 157

Karim Kanji

Published on: Monday, January 28 2019

Ajay Massey of U.N. Jefferson is not a newcomer in the local music scene.

This is Episode #157 of the Welcome! podcast.

Not many people can boast that legendary wrestler The Iron Sheik once opened for their band. Or that, in turn, they’ve opened for USS, The Weeknd and The Arkells – all on the same tour! Nevermind being inducted into their hometown’s Music Hall of Fame.

Ajay Massey would never say that he’s led a Forest Gump-style life of being inthe right place at the right time. Why? Well, he’ll tell you he’s been in the music industry ever since his parents built a dance floor in the basement of the family home in Mississauga, Ontario.

I’m honoured to Welcome my next guest, lead singer and songwriter for U.N. Jefferson, Ajay Massey.

Music by:

Zuul’s Evil Disco – Slap Me Some Skin
Two Crown King – Please Believe Me
U.N. Jefferson – Testify