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Welcome! with Amira de Vera: Ep 140

Welcome! with Amira de Vera: Ep 140

Karim Kanji

Published on: Monday, October 1 2018

Amira de Vera is a good friend of the Welcome! and has supported us over the past 2+ years. So much so that we decided to pull back the covers on this in-depth and revealing discussion with one of Canada’s top entertainment and lifestyle public relations professionals.

This is episode #140  of the Welcome! podcast.

Here are some of the things we discussed with Amira de Vera:

  • Studying Political Science and International Relations in Ottawa at Carelton University
  • Her dream job of being a DeeJay
  • How Amira de Vera got her first break in the world of PR
  • The highs and lows of starting her own PR company
  • What Amira de Vera’s favourite food is
  • Her favourite place in Toronto to take a selfie
  • Her favourite client
  • The types of clients she doesn’t take on or would fire

amira de vera and karim kanji