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The Creative Imbalance – Ep 44 feat The Crve

The Creative Imbalance – Ep 44 feat The Crve

Sean Sirianni

Published on: March 20, 2018

Today’s episode features Bobby McIntosh and Ryley Murray of the cinematic orchestral epic hip hop duo The Crve! Their story into making music together is a love story. Along with the tale of The Crve’s inception, they explain their unique creative process and untraditional way to release every song they make with a music video. Also explain the impact they created through a live show they put on titled “The Decision” that took a stand against the Jian Gomeshi trails and sexually abused women. Bobby also gives us insight and perception from making music backed by a major label to doing everything DIY and independently.

Featured track on this episode:

  • “The Birds” by The Crve