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The Creative Imbalance feat. Carolyn Molnar (Psychic/Medium): Ep 65

The Creative Imbalance feat. Carolyn Molnar (Psychic/Medium): Ep 65

Sean Sirianni

Published on: November 3, 2018

Today we look beyond the surface of what we know to open our hearts and mind to the possibilities of what is on the other side. In this episode we are joined by psychic/medium Carolyn Molnar, her husband (and also psychic/medium) Benjamin Gleisser, and returning guest SAGES to co-host this beautiful and intense conversation. We dive straight into Carolyn’s discovery of her gift and segue into so many topics such as synchronicity, spirit guides, what happens when you die, sleep paralysis, past lives, ouija boards, tarot cards, cell memory, outer boy experiences, the importance of following good vibes, and much more.   –  For more Carolyn be sure to check out www.carolynmolnar.com


Featured tracks on this episode:

  • “Aurvendil” by SAGES
  • “Go With The Flow” by Falcon Jane


Carolyn Molnar and Benjamin Gleisser


For more Carolyn on Youtube check out her channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmGX0BMvQRb_lVVr42XtPHg



SAGES – https://sagessound.bandcamp.com/