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Episode 15: Oleneki Adeyeli, Boost and the Canadian Experience

Episode 15: Oleneki Adeyeli, Boost and the Canadian Experience

Alissa Santiago

Published on: April 2018

Alissa Santiago presents

Oluniké Adeyili

Host Alissa Santiago sits down with Oluniké Adeyili who plays a single mother, Amina in the film Boost. We discuss the film and get into a discussion about the Canadian Experience and the need for more diversity within the Canadian Television and Film industry both behind the camera and in front.

Boost is a film about Hakeem (Nabil Rajo) and A-Mac (Jahmil French), Montreal teenagers with very little interest in academic pursuits. Working part-time at Hakeem’s uncle’s car wash, they pick up a little extra dough by casing expensive sports cars that come in for a wash and turning over that information to more seasoned criminals. Eager to get a leg up in the game, they boost a car on their own, leading them down a path from instant gratification to life-threatening consequences.

Boost will be available On Demand soon. Check out boost-themovie.com for more info.

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