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In Session With…4Korners

In Session With…4Korners

Sammy Younan

Published on: February 9 2017

4Korners Host Haiku
What Is The Coolest Fridge Magnet You Have?

Jet Set. One accurate way to describe Toronto Raptors DJ 4Korners. In between home games at the ACC he travels the world…dropping beats and picking up fridge magnets (told you…jet set! The fridge magnets is my first question…it’ll make sense when you listen to this interview).

I’ve been to NBA games in Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit…few other cities (guess I’m jet set too!) and to be honest…without sucking up to my guest Toronto’s games sound great! They’re a mix of old school, new beats…and it’s not always exclusively hip hop: rock n roll surfaces like a submarine. (Cleveland games are funny! Funny graphics on the screen…there’s a true wit to their games. Knicks fans in MSG are exactly what you’d expect…stereotypes are time savers!)

I go to about 10-12 Raptors games every season so I’m comfortable in the ACC…I’ve sat down by the front and sat way up top and everywhere else in between. Having gone so often and seeing the game from various angles I’m fascinated by how it’s all assembled. That was my initial spark of curiosity and why I invited 4Korners to Girth Radio.

Like I’ve been to a Leafs game and all you get is…a Leafs game. Like…that’s it?! At a Raptors game you get t-shirts thrown into crowd, 50/50 draw, the Raptors mascot being goofy, the Dance Pak etc. there is a ton of entertainment value for your buck. Including the actual NBA game you paid money to see! I appreciate the effort of the in-house team but I wanted to know how it’s put together. And 4Korners was forthcoming and shared many engaging tidbits about the old man behind the curtain.

The interview timing was just right since he’s adding producer to his resume; you can hear his trap like music on Wrong Angle Records. Music, living jet set, NBA games and fridge magnets…this was a fun evening.

High Five for doing the research (fridge magnets, yo!).

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