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In Session With Girth…Big Name Actors

In Session With Girth…Big Name Actors

Sammy Younan

Published on: November 6 2014

You know how Dave Grohl–the Foo Fighters dude–has a reputation of being super pleasant?

Big Name Actors are equally super pleasant and…yes and…super talented. It’s a potent powerful connection.

Joining us for a live In Session With Girth are:
Hugh – Vocals/Guitar
Nick – Guitar/Vocals
Scott – Bass

And no surprise…we get into movies, actors, the Toronto music scene and more. High fives for everybody.

Live Music:
Morning Sun (from Morning Sun)
End of My Rope (from Part Time Friends)
Name Your Price (from Morning Sun)

Big Name Actors In Session With Girth

Big Name Actors: W T F
Photography: Sammy Younan