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In Session With Girth…Black Lips

In Session With Girth…Black Lips

Sammy Younan

Published on: July 9 2015

Black Lips Host Haiku

“What’s More Punk Than Pissing Off The Punks?”

As an interviewer I didn’t ask that question; it sill came up in my conversation with Black Lips.

This conversation held in the back of the Horseshoe Tavern went off the rails quickly. That’s a good thing. An interviewer will bring questions, maybe some analysis…a pattern worth exploring to the table. Thing is you can’t get stuck or rigid totally determined to stick to the script.

If you’re ever interviewed don’t “answer” the questions you are asked…tell the stories and share the observations you want to share. That’s what the Black Lips did. Smart, in yo face, sass…a breathtaking range of topics all filtered through punk rock. I didn’t stand a chance.

When it was all done…I wanted to do it again!

Joe Bradley
Jared Swilley
Jack Hines

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Boys In the Wood (from Underneath the Rainbow)
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