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In Session With…CAIRO

In Session With…CAIRO

Sammy Younan

Published on: January 29 2015

CAIRO Host Haiku by Sammy Younan In Session With Girth...

Did you hear the one about the Egyptian interviewing the band called CAIRO?

Bound to happen right? 3 CAIRO bandmates visit Girth Radio to discuss their brand new LP: A History of Reasons. It is fantastic, thick with emotion and still has that new LP smell. And our discussion confirms you should sit with the album…tea, no pants time. Be slow.

All three gents are the opposite of slow. Bright, curious, passionate…super engaged. Much Mirth! If I worked for FedEx I’d say that’s an impressive package.

Nate Daniels
Dante Berardi Jr
Matt Sullivan

Featured Music
With You (from A History of Reasons)
A History of Reasons (from A History of Reasons)
Age/Sex/Race (from A History of Reasons)

CAIRO In Session With Girth


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