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In Session With…Century Thief

In Session With…Century Thief

Sammy Younan

Published on: April 2 2015

Century Thief Host Haiku

What the H E double hockey sticks is a flugelhorn?

Don’t make that face at me…do you know what a flugelhorn is? I had to google it just to spell it right.

Employing unique instruments and how they smoothly blend together is what makes Century Thief’s music stand out…it’s not what you expect to hear. As an avid music listener I’m keen for surprises: Century Thief got some good ones. The song at the start of the interview Pillar feels effortless and refreshing like Sprite from a glass bottle.

Naturally I was curious about this process…how does all that come together with instruments and schedules?

What topics appear in writing process? And what’s next for Century Thief?

Featured Music
City Banks (from Reverie)
Stick Stone

Century Thief: W T F

Host Sammy Younan: W T F