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In Session With…Christina Martin

In Session With…Christina Martin

Sammy Younan

Published on: November 19 2015

Christina Martin Host Haiku

How do you feel about leopard print panties…especially if they are…oh say on a large fat man?

Can’t get that image out of your head than thank the winsome Christina Martin who kicks off her In Session With Girth with that true story about her father. Yup.

And that’s how this episode starts…she continues sharing stories and images, witticisms and subtle observations in between songs.

It’s irresistible and almost magical…well only if you don’t mind that leopard print underwear image floating freely like a childless balloon in your gray matter. (I gave in…rather than fight it I embraced it)

LIVE Music
It’ll Be Alright (from It’ll Be Alright)
Take Me Back In A Dream (from It’ll Be Alright)
Lines (from It’ll Be Alright)

Christina Martin In Session

Christina Martin: W T F

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