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In Session With…Featurette

In Session With…Featurette

Sammy Younan

Published on: February 18 2016

Featurette Host Haiku
Is It Possible To Crave Good Things?

Can you crave carrots the way you crave potato chips?
Can you crave honey the way you crave your lover’s body? (Is there a difference between the two?!)

That’s what sparks my conversation with Featurette a Jazz Theory meets Classical Theory delightful duo who create shimmering electro-indie pop. Lowbrow culture highbrow culture and all that’s in between (i.e.Japanese Vending Machines)…in the span of an hour we jump between opera, jazz, pop and rock; acknowledging each genre’s characteristics. When you establish the past you see we’re currently in an Economy of Sound…every note is expensive!

May not make sense reading this…listen to the interview. Still processing this idea. See? Fun: Lexie Jay and Jon Fedorsen have lots of sharp insights to share…

Their LP Crave Volume 1 and Volume 2 richly explores neon light troubles. I’m also a sucker for dreamy electro-pop coupled with storytelling. Guess I’m a predictable product: a child of 80s and reveling in lowbrow culture. I guess we really don’t crave “good things.” Word Up to Human Nature!

When not doing the band thing this dynamic duo runs Paint Night which inspired this outstanding and impromptu haiku from Lexie J:

Many Single Girls
Such Magic Oh My Goodness
Many Single Girls

Sold! The interview concludes with my adventures at a Time Travel Convention…errr, yeah. So That Happened!

High Fives For:

  • Getting on commercial radio in the US!
  • Fun!

Host Sammy Younan W • T • F

Featured Music
Hardest Game {from Crave, Volume 2}
Broken {from Crave, Volume 1}
Baby Come Home {from Crave, Volume 1}

Featurette In Session With Girth

Featurette @ W • T • F

Photography by Alissa Santiago
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