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In Session With Girth…G.G. Cole and Lakeview

In Session With Girth…G.G. Cole and Lakeview

Sammy Younan

Published on: October 16 2014

This In Session was a disaster. And yet utterly amazing. Disaster because we tried to broadcast the band’s live performance from the Girth studio into the Pacific Junction Hotel Bar. And yet amazing because G.G. Cole & Lakeview are outstanding.

When you start something bold, something technical as we did with Girth Radio…a radio station in a bar: there will be technical issues. And we had many trying to execute the original plan: record the band playing live while broadcasting it into the bar. Did not happen. Not even close.

Instantly and magically the band regrouped, invited the Bud girls into the booth and we were off. What you hear is raw fun. Their joyous spirit shines through their music.

If you have a chance to see G.G. Cole & Lakeview live do it! Go.

G.G. Cole & Lakeview:
Geoffrey – Guitar & Vocals
Paul – Bass
Garrett – Keyboard & Backing Vocals
Steve – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Backup Singers:
The Bud Girls (Danielle and Amber)

Live Music:
A Friend Like Steph (from The Mayor of Shanty Town Vol.1)
Lost With You
Walk With A Kick

GG Cole and Lakeview In Session With Girth

G.G. Cole and Lakeview: W T F
Photography: Sammy Younan