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In Session With…Ghost Caravan

In Session With…Ghost Caravan

Sammy Younan

Published on: June 9 2016

Ghost Caravan Host Haiku
So…What Do You Do?

Ah the age old party icebreaker. Ghost Caravan is the moniker of Shaina Silver-Baird who describes herself on her twitter bio as an: Actor / Singer / Dancer / Storyteller. Compelling answer to a boring question.

I wonder if this is too complicated for some people…having a creative person juggling different outlets. To me it’s not only natural it’s encouraged; all those roles are united by story so I really don’t see em a different outlets per say. One story…different platform (like the news…a newspaper is different than tv news even though it’s the same story!). I do recognize that it’s confusing from like…a, sigh: a branding perspective (I feel dirty now).

Do you consider Justin Timberlake to be a pop singer or an actor?

What do you consider Kevin Smith to be (these days)?

Sitting down to talk to Shaina I wanted to pick up on all of these threads as what unites them all is story. I’m always down for a good story and Shaina is a solid storyteller.

While our conversation did touch upon Shaina’s creative work in other creative fields we focused on her music. She’s just starting on her musical path; she can count on 1 hand the number of live performances. It’s fascinating to encounter a musician at the start of their journey. I hope she comes back a few times so we can follow her growth and sonic adventures.

Bonus Cool: Ghost Caravan’s music is released via Confidence Emperors a brand new Toronto-based label which according to their website: “The content will be presented online in a gallery style through a process of curation and collaboration. The imprint represents change through creation.” Which is storytelling.

Update: You can HEAR my interview with Ghost Caravan’s producer Matt Fudge (aka Pyramid Tropic).

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Set List
Cold Fire
Hide and Seek

Ghost Caravan In Session With Girth

Ghost Caravan @ W • T • F

Recorded & Edited & Mixed by James Khan
Photography by Melanie Dwyer-Joyce
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