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In Session With…HotKid

In Session With…HotKid

Sammy Younan

Published on: February 5 2015

HotKid Host Haiku by Sammy Younan In Session With Girth...

When was the last time you bought an album based solely on the sleeve image?

With all the noise, marketing, recommendation algorithms we see the band before we hear the band and so we think we know the band. What factor determines a band’s success: the music or their packaging?

It’s literally less than 2 minutes in before Robbie drops the first of many charming wrestling references. I did my best to keep up but alas as a child of the 80s I did not represent.

Wrestling aside we explore the beautiful people syndrome created by MTV, authenticity and together he and I issue the following gems:

“Sloan are a well oiled rock machine.”
“Nickelback are the piñata of popular music.”
“Nobody does it like Heart.”
“Dirt-bag rock.”
“Death Cab for Cutie: that’s the best band name ever.”
“I want–whatever they are buying to be in love with it and be satisfied.”
“Whatever works for you in life and music…do it.”

Feel free to use them as your own creations at parties.

Rob Butcher III

Featured Music
August (Elevator cover)
Yours and Mine (from Under the Streetlight EP)
Here4U (fresh single; new ep coming soon…)

HotKid In Session With Girth

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