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In Session With…Junia

In Session With…Junia

Sammy Younan

Published on: August 20 2015

Host Haiku:
The Magic of Faith
A Resonant Pop Fist Pump
In Love With Your Soul

What condiments do you hate…is hate too strong a word?

Junia’s got that infectious Motown soul running like a current throughout their music. So happy Craig White (Girth’s host of Verbal Paintbrush) passed them onto me.

Open to fresh ideas…Junia is a collective and a network which is, in some ways is a braver choice. It’s an open ended collaboration offer…if we all get in the room what music will we create? A band “locks” an established core of musicians into one journey. Collaboration is hard work and not even connecting or working with creative people: it’s the ability to listen. Everybody hears but to listen deeply and honesty, to receive what the other person is sharing is rare. When was the last time you felt truly listened too?

So I listened as Joel said he dislikes mustard. Turns out he’s got a strong dislike for another condiment…can you guess which?

Amy Towers
David Siekanowicz
Joel Wilson

LIVE Music:
Education (from My Favourite People)
Hold You (from My Favourite People)

Junia In Session

Junia: WTF