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In Session With…Kid Koala

In Session With…Kid Koala

Sammy Younan

Published on: February 2 2017

Kid Koala Host Haiku
How Do You Do An Ambient Electronic Night Of Music Without Boring The Audience To Tears?

One of the fascinating aspects of hanging out with truly creative individuals is understanding the questions they’re wrestling with. Kid Koala’s new album Music To Draw To: Satellite isn’t familiar Kid Koala. It’s Enoesque…moody and ambient ideal for other artists to create. Thanks Kid! Thing is…he’s right…how do you do an ambient electronic night of music without boring the audience to tears?

By having them participate! Kid has organized a turntable orchestra…you can make music by playing certain coloured records at specific times. It’s hard to describe and difficult to convey just how wonderful it all is. If you’ve a chance…go!

And check out Kid’s work in Men Women And Children. That movie is scary; it’s not a horror movie. Rather the morbid reality we live in an era of mobile phones. All technology has a cost…I dunno if this one is worth the price. #Shudder

Oh and before we get into the comics he and I discussed…Alissa our social media manager laughed me. After the interview was over I pulled comics out of my bag and showed them to Kid…Alissa said he must be really special to pull comics out! hah! Worst thing is he and I got so involved in the comic book discussion he was slightly late for his interview with Strombo. Sorry George!

Recommended Comics from Kid Koala (and myself!) during our conversation:
(in the interview I messed up the name…called it A Lonely Place of Dying which the Batman story where Jason Todd dies!)
The Woods
God Hates Astronauts
Black Science
Morning Glories
High Five for Billie Holiday

Host Sammy Younan @ W • T • F

Featured Music
Collapser (feat. Emilíana Torrini) {from Music To Draw To: Satellite}
Nightfall Pale Blue (feat. Emilíana Torrini) {from Music To Draw To: Satellite}
The Observable Universe {from Music To Draw To: Satellite}

Kid Koala In Session

Kid Koala @ W • T • F

Photography by Alissa Santiago
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